Eight Months with Baby Boy

Holy cannoli, it’s time for another baby boy update. Wasn’t it just yesterday when I wrote his six months update? The other day, I was thinking to myself, “Colin is 8 months old. Wait, what?! How in the world did that happen?” It’s such a crazy thing to watch your babies grow. There really is nothing like it.

So here we are, eight months in to life with two kids, and it’s a complete circus that I absolutely love. (I mean, I would love more sleep, but I can sleep when they’re in college–scratch that–I can sleep when they’re teenagers and sleep until noon.)

Dockatot // Milestone Cards

Life with an 8 Month Old

Want to know what it’s like with an eight month old? Let me tell you…

My big boy weighs at least 20 pounds. I haven’t gotten him on the scale, but he does not stop growing.

He’s wearing 12-18 month size clothing, and we just had to overhaul his wardrobe yet again. Who said shopping for boys wasn’t fun? Lies. He has plenty of cute clothes, and I love it.

He’s eating ALL the time. I nurse him 4-6 times a day, depending on the day. He’s eating solids, aka organic baby food from a jar because ain’t nobody got time to make it homemade anymore. His favorite things to eat right now are fruits, and the faces he makes when he tries something new are priceless.

He sits in a high chair at restaurants now, and he is pretty chill for the most part, but he’s becoming more vocal making our outings much more…entertaining. I just started giving him Mum Mums to snack on when he’s sitting at the table, so he’s entertained by food for the most part.

He also is big enough to sit in a shopping cart. Game changer! Although I did almost shed a tear when it happened.

He’s rolling every direction he can, and he is getting up on all fours, rocking and ready to roll. He is so determined, and he if he sees a toy in sight, he is bound to get it one way or another. Hello, mobile kid!

I’m going to have to baby proof like the best of them this time around, because I didn’t worry about it with Charlotte because she was so cautious and didn’t get into things like this little guy. Boys, man. It’s true. They’re completely different!


Colin takes two naps a day (sometimes three, depending on what time he wakes up), and he sleeps in his crib in his Dock-a-tot. At night, he’s in bed and asleep by 7:30, and he’ll sleep through the night until about 6 o’clock. I plan on doing a full post on his sleep schedule and how we trained him, so stay tuned for that!


Colin loves anything that he can put in his mouth and gnaw on. His Sophie the Giraffe is a favorite as is a watermelon teether that we picked up at the grocery store. He also has a stuffed giraffe that he got for Easter, and he is all about eating the tail.

Board books are cool, but he has completely gnawed through some of the, so it looks like I’m going to need some cloth ones. Lol. He also loves remotes, phones, expensive wallets, and sensory balls. Oh, and shoes. Because all of those things make for great toys.

And he absolutely loves jumping in his activity jumper! He usually plays in there while I make dinner.

Big Events

We just baptized Colin in the Catholic Church, and it was the most beautiful service. My grandpa was a deacon, so when I had Charlotte, he was able to baptize her in a private ceremony. Since his passing, I was kind of dreading him not being here for Colin’s, but I felt his presence at our church’s ceremony, and it was so completely beautiful. I’m so thankful for my faith, and I’m so thankful that Colin’s now an official member of the Catholic church. Makes my heart so happy.

Life with Two

When people ask me how it is to have two kids now, I tell them it’s a whole new level of busy. When one is resting not needing my attention, the other one is all up in my business. And it goes back and forth like that all day long. Throw in a dog and a husband, and I rarely have a free minute. But gosh, I love it. I prayed for these days, and I will never forget how much I longed for all of them. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart, and I do not take my job lightly. I’m one lucky duck.

Favorites Pictures

I could just eat this little munchkin up. He’s stolen all of our hearts, and we couldn’t imagine our life without him. He adores his sister, and I hope they stay that way forever. I mean, he’s already made her cry by pulling her hair, but that’s neither here nor there.

Also, if you’re feeling sentimental in the least, do not open up all of your videos on your phone from the day your baby was born. Just don’t do it.

We love you, Baby Colin!


  1. May 11, 2017 / 7:36 pm

    He’s so precious and I feel like he’s a good mix of both of you. I can’t believe our babies are growing us so fast 😢. Leighton is on the move as of a couple weeks ago and is into everything. Definitely need to step up my baby proofing.

    • May 11, 2017 / 11:48 pm

      Gosh, isn’t it crazy?! The first few months are always such a blur, that after four months old, time just swooshes on by! So much fun though. :) Busy, crazy fun. Have a very happy Mother’s Day weekend, my friend!

  2. Elise Welch
    May 12, 2017 / 10:02 am

    He is such a cutie!!! It has been so fun watching him grow!